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American Bulldog Training American Bulldog training can be one of the most rewarding things you do with your new (or old) pet. Not only will you wind up with a better pet, you will establish a strong bond with your dog as you go through the training. It is important that you start training your dog as soon as possible because every day you wait is one more day you have to put up with aggression, biting, barking, chewing, jumping, and bathroom "accidents".

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American Bulldog training offers challenges that may not be faced when training other dog breeds. This doesn't mean an American Bulldog is a bad choice for a pet, you just need to be aware of their unique behavior patterns.

The biggest thing that offers challenges with an American Bulldog is their size. They are large animals and need space to run. With their large size, they can do way more damage than a Chihuahua.

These dogs can be very playful. This means they like to run around and jump on things. Even when they are just playing, they can do a lot of damage because of their size. They are probably not the best choice if you have small children.

They can be very protective so American Bulldog training needs to involve exposing them to a lot of people. They need to see other people as normal and friendly so they don't attack everybody they see trying to protect you, their beloved owner.

American Bulldogs have also been known to be very aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. They can also be very aggressive with cats and other small animals.

The last thing to be aware of with American Bulldogs is that some people can view them very negatively even if they never do anything wrong. This makes American Bulldog training extremely important not just some thing that is nice to do. Getting help from a top knotch training system like the Secrets to Dog Training is absolutely essential to successful training.

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